Lulzbot Taz 4 – Cooling Duct

| 3D-Printing, mechanical design | No Comments
So extremely long story short, BOTH my makerbot replicator and Z18 were a bust. I have completely lost all faith in that company. Maybe in 20 years when people dont...

Octopus 3D Print

| 3D-Printing | No Comments
So I've been having serious problems with my Makerbot Replicator 1. It kept jamming after a couple minutes of printing. After months of diagnosing and 100s of yards of filament...

Airmote Concept

| mechanical design, rendering, solidworks | No Comments
Here is one of the Airmote Concepts I worked on for Equiso. As you can see, Apple has a large influence on my designs. The model was created in SolidWorks...

Evolv3D is S-Tek Engineering!

| motion design | No Comments
Its been along time coming, but we've finally done it! Recently the former S-Tek Engineering has merged with Evolv3D. Any website inquiries made to S-Tek Engineering will be automatically redirected...

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